A chapter you’ll never finish. Because you’ll discover something new each time.

enjoy every
single chapter.

Chapter has everything to share unforgettable moments. We have a passion for hospitality and delicious food. Chapter is a brasserie and hotel with a distinctive concept. You’ll taste dishes you can’t find anywhere else. You’ll enjoy a lovely drink with your friends. And you’ll completely relax in our characteristic hotel!

Chapter is a place where beautiful stories have originated from for five centuries. You’ll find we can share another five centuries worth of memories and stories with you. Allow yourself to be surprised and enjoy every chapter!

enjoy every single chapter. lunch, drinks & bites, dinner and staying the night...



A building full of history.

The corner of the Marktplein has been writing history for five centuries. The building that’s there right now was built in 1690 and used to be named De Spaansche Vloot. After a fire, the inn was rebuilt. The outside, however, hasn’t changed much: the building is even a national monument.

The first vegetable auction was established in the inn in 1880. Up until 1914 you were able to buy tomatoes and cucumbers, which were stalled on top of the pool table. With its roots being an inn, De Spaansche Vloot slowly but surely turned into a restaurant. The ‘Vloot’ became known in the region especially because of the yearly asparagus dinners. In 2019 a new chapter started: Chapter Brasserie | Hotel.